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As a factory owner you always want your factory to run at full capacity. There are naturally many ways to ensure that it does.
However, during difficult economic times, even the best efforts and with the best clients there might be times where your factory does not have any orders.

Here at Factory Listing Thailand we provide a service where we source, identify and contact potential clients on your behalf.
Our client database is large with thousands of users daily, and spans over all categories. This enables us to quickly and accurately provide you with a list of potential customers in your times of need.

We also assist you with communicating with your existing clients, and help you respond to their queries professionally.

Further, when you receive enquiries from new potential customers we assist you with crafting proper material to forward to them. We strongly believe in crafting and maintaining client relationships, even when they are currently not producing goods with your factory.

In summary, you will receive

  • Unlimited searches for clients
  • Support in contacting new and existing clients
  • Professionally crafted material to share with potential and existing clients
  • Suggestions of viability of clients
  • Prominent Premium Listing at Factory Listing Thailand
  • Heavily discounted rates to promote your products and services directly to clients
  • Live support
  • and more...

Please contact us for your introductory material.

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Place your trust in our Find-A-Factory service and we'll correctly identify your potential manufacturing partners. You can trust the short-list we prepare for you. Each manufacturer is a top quality manufacturer in its respective field.


There are many questions that need answering before you can rely on a manufacturer to deliver on a regular basis, or even for a one time order. We at Factory-Listing-Thailand has the expertise to source factories exactly according to your needs. We handle all the sensitive and delicate questions allowing for your peace of mind. For every one of your criteria, we find suitable factories for you.

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The Find-A-Factory Experts will endeavor to find the perfect factory partner for you, no matter how hard. Learn More...
Are you searching high and low for a factory or factory service? Trust our Find-A-Factory Standard service or our very detailed full service Find-A-Factory Premium. We have an astounding 92% success rate in bringing clients together with suitable factories.

Factory Listing Thailand Brief

The fact is, even though Factory Listing Thailand (FLT) list a significant amount of factories, it is quite hard to find exactly the manufacturer you are looking for. FLT also understands the difficulties to communicate with factories in Thailand. The company will make sure all communications barriers are removed. Many times a factory is not clear on their manufacturing capabilities and will enthusiastically proclaim their willingness to produce wood furniture when their actual business is steel production. Don't waste your time, FLT makes sure your needs are met 100% each and every time. Place your trust in the Find-A-Factory service and the Find-A-Factory experts will correctly identify your potential manufacturing partners. You can trust the short-list prepared for you. Each manufacturer is a top quality manufacturer in its respective field. All your critical questions will be answered.

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