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Bangkok Crystal Co., Ltd. - Website link not visible. Please login or register to view.

Large scale glass manufacturer. Fully automated production systems. Themselves say: "We are one of the world leaders in high quality glass block driven through our inspired people, innovative style, and good governance philosophy". The company has its principle activities of manufacturing and distributing high quality glass block under the brand name “ Chang Kaew” and which conforms to the Thai Industrial Product Standard, TIS 1359-2540. It is our strong determination to strive for the best quality of product through the combination of high standard production technology, selective raw materials, as well as our inspired people and brings forth the perceivable quality of product and service to both local and international market.

Ocean Glass Public Company Limited - Website link not visible. Please login or register to view.

Established in 1979, as another industrial diversification of the Ocean Insurance Group, Ocean Glass Public Company Limited has manufactured glassware of international standards since its reception. With great confidence in its products, the company completed its glass manufacturing factory on an 84-acre of land at Bangpoo Industrial Estate. Manufacturing activities started in October 1982. Ocean Glass’ high-quality products have proven to be the most popular amongst both local and international clients, the company was quick to put in place further investment plans. The company was registered on the Stock Exchange of Thailand as a public company. Today, the company provides an extensive range of quality glassware with an annual production capacity of 140 million pieces.


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What is: glass

Glass is a non crystalline material that can maintain indefinitely, if left undisturbed, its overall form and amorphous microstructure at a temperature below its glass transition temperature. Glass synthesis is achieved by quenching a glass-forming liquid through its glass transition temperature sufficiently fast to avoid the formation of a regular crystal lattice, producing an amorphous solid. Amorphous solids may also be formed by methods other than melt quenching, such as vapour deposition or the sol-gel method. Silica glass may be produced by using sand as a raw material (or "quartz sand") that contains almost 100 % crystalline silica in the form of quartz. Glass is sometimes created naturally from volcanic magma. This glass is called obsidian, and is usually black with impurities. Obsidian is a raw material for flintknappers, who have used it to make extremely sharp knives since the stone age. The known manufacture of glass dates back to 3000 BC and glass technology is widely used in the modern day in household objects such as bottles, mirrors, windows and light bulbs. The most common method for glass pane production is using molten tin, where the molten glass floats on top of the perfectly flat molten tin, thus giving it the name "float glass". The refractive, reflective and transmission properties of glass make specific chemical compostitions suitable for technological applications such as optics and optoelectronics. The manipulation of heated glass enables it to be shaped into different forms and the incorporation of additives at the manufacturing stage produces different colors which enable glass to be used as an art medium for display purposes. (Many thanks to Wikipedia.)

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