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Advance Agro Public Co., Ltd. - Website link not visible. Please login or register to view.

As a leading manufacturer in pulp and paper production, Advance Agro operates all together three sophisticated paper mills which produce quality products with excellent performance including coated and uncoated paper delivered across domestic and international markets. Moreover, Advance Agro also has two pulp mills with most up-to-date technology and machinery manufacturing short-fiber pulp. Both pulp mills have very high production capacity to produce pulp for company's paper production and to produce for domestic and export pulp market. Advance Agro also offers beneficial services to satisfy our valued customer.


Riverpro Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. - Website link not visible. Please login or register to view.

At present, they are operating altogether 5 Tissue Machines in 2 locations, Taparak Mill in Samutprakarn Province and Nongkae Mill in Saraburi Province with total capacity of 33,000 matrix ton a year. They are also the pioneer of a fiber recovery plant that produces good quality tissue paper from recycle office paper (DIP: De-inking Process). They offer a variety of products, covering from 100% virgin pulp tissue paper to 100% re-cycle pulp tissue paper. Their value added products include bathroom toilet roll (BRT), facial tissue,napkin tissue, and multi-purpose tissue (Hand towel, Kitchen Towel, and Industrial Towel). We also provide jumbo roll tissue as raw material to many tissue converting houses both domestic and export.


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What is: paper

Paper is thin material used for writing upon, printing upon or packaging, produced by the amalgamation of fibres, typically vegetable fibers composed of cellulose, which are subsequently held together by hydrogen bonding. While the fibres used are usually natural in origin, a wide variety of synthetic fibres, such as polypropylene and polyethylene, may be incorporated into paper as a way of imparting desirable physical properties. The most common source of these kinds of fibres is wood pulp from pulpwood trees. Vegetable fibre materials such as cotton, hemp, linen, and rice are also used. (Many thanks to wikipedia)
Pulping is the process of converting wood or lignocellulosic nonwood material to separated pulp fibers for papermaking. Processes range from purely mechanical, in which the wood is ground into fibers by disk refiners or grindstones, to chemical, in which the fibers are separated by chemically degrading and dissolving the lignin that binds them together in the tree. Mechanical pulping is energy intensive. The dominant chemical process, the Kraft process, uses a solution of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide to dissolve the lignin. (Many thanks to wikipedia)

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