Synthetic resin and Plastics

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A.J. Plast Public Co., Ltd. - Website link not visible. Please login or register to view.

Their products can be categorized into 3 groups -- BOPP film, PET film, and Metallized film, which are all used extensively in many industries for instance, packaging, adhesive tapes, and cassette tapes, etc. These 3 main groups can be used together or to substitute one another depending on the final product 's characteristics and customers ' requirements.

Adeka Fine Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Website link not visible. Please login or register to view.

ADEKA, the Furukawa Group's chemical company, has earned a reputation in Japan and worldwide as an innovator in a broad spectrum of technologies. Founded in 1917 with the purpose of initiating domestic manufacture of electrolytically produced caustic soda, the Company later began producing hydrogenated oils using hydrogen produced from electrolysis. From these two operational strengths ADEKA has expanded its business in chemicals and food products. In the Chemical Products area, the Inorganic, Organic, and Industrial Fats and Fatty Acids Divisions produce a wide range of products that contribute to such industries as textiles, pulp, civil engineering and construction, shipbuilding, automobiles, and appliances. The Food Products Division processes animal and vegetable oils and fats, supplying margarine, shortening, and processed oils and fats to bakeries, confectioneries, and restaurants. To expand its international operations, the Company has established a new subsidiary Adeka Fine Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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What is: resin

Resin or Rosin (Oxford dictionary) is a hydrocarbon secretion of many plants, particularly coniferous trees, valued for its chemical constituents and uses, such as, as varnishes, adhesives, as an important source of raw materials for organic synthesis, or for incense and perfume. Fossilized resins are the source of amber. The term is also used for synthetic substances of similar properties. (Many thanks to wikipedia)

What is: plastic

Plastic is the general term for a wide range of synthetic or semisynthetic polymerization products.They are composed of organic condensation or addition polymers and may contain other substances to improve performance or economics. There are many natural polymers generally considered to be "plastics". Plastics can be formed into objects or films or fibers. Their name is derived from the fact that many are malleable, having the property of plasticity.(Many thanks to wikipedia)

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